West Links International was created as a desperate reply from various healthcare facilities in the USA who were faced with shortage of qualified Medical Technologists to work in the clinical laboratory especially among the rural hospitals in the Midwest. It is owned and managed by a Medical Technologist who has been in active practice in the area of clinical laboratory medicine in the USA since 1992. This long experience of working with leading hospitals and laboratories gave us an advantage of being able to screen and assess more efficiently the potentials of each foreign Medical Technologist applicant  in relation to the great demand and high standards of our laboratories here in the USA.


       Most Hospital employers are often frightened to sponsor an alien worker because of the ever changing Immigration laws, policies and complexity associated with the H-1B petition process.  With our efforts, we have  unveiled to them the numerous perks and benefits of hiring experienced and skilled foreign Med Techs to their team and paved the way for them to embrace the processing of H-1B as a “Hassle Free” process through our assistance. Our personalized, honest and prompt service to these employers mark the depth of our commitment of supplying no less than the best of our candidates for an efficient workplace. Our team of Immigration professionals take utmost care in the review and processing of each individual petition.

It is our mission to provide US Hospital employers with the best, well-trained and efficient Medical Technologists and other allied healt professions under the H-1B (Working Visa). We also assist in the Green card / Immigrant processing of these professions.


West Links International, is a U.S. licensed Employment Agency and is also an accredited Recruitment agency by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, with our branch office in Cebu City, Philippines.