Getting to know us

West Links International, is a U.S. licensed Employment Agency and an accredited Recruitment agency by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, with our branch office in Cebu City, Philippines.

West Links International Inc, was establised to answer the growing shortage of qualified Allied Health Professionals in the country particulary Medical Technologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Radiology Techs. We are dedicated to providing hospital employers in the United States with well-trained, efficient and hihgly skilled professionals under the H-1B (Working Visa).


Why hire from the Philippines?

Dedicated Personnel

  • Filipino Workers are generally known be hardworking and trustworthy individuals. They take pride in their profession and this shows by their years of dedication and working experience.
  • Most of these techs work in high volume facilities, transplant services and trauma centers. Most of these hospital facilities are training institutions, so the laboratory is also equipped with the most modern instruments in the market as well as perform the latest diagnostic tests. Some are also trained in the other world class facilities and hospitals.
  • Filipinos are quick to learn new trends and easy to train.
  • They are very flexible with staffing problems. They work when their services are needed to cover sick calls, vacations, on-calls or work long hours or graveyard shifts.
  • Perhaps due to increased job workload
  • Retiring Laboratory Personnel
  • Decline in the enrollment of the Med. Tech program, hence lesser students who are willing to work in the small, rural hospitals.
  • “Train and Go” attitude of some Med. Techs making some facilities just training grounds...
  • Relocation of Personnel (family) for a “GREENER” pasture
  • Techs who wish to pursue more education/ career change/ better benefits & incentives
  • No one wants to work the Odd hours (Nights, Weekends, Holidays or On-Call)

              WHAT  WE  CAN  DO  FOR YOU  ....

  • Provide you with thoroughly screened applicants (Jobs Experience, Academic, Records Review, Character & Reference Checks)
  • No Paper work Hassles .... Our team will do ALL the work for you, starting with the collection of information and documents, filing and submission of the H1B petition to US CIS for processing.
  • Honest, Dependable & Reliable  Services offered
  • Candidates meet ALL requirements by the US CIS for US Working visa.